Saturday, May 29, 2010

All Gussied up

A little trail work on the Gussy Trail this morning. More pix on the Upper Gussy Blog later tonight. A fellow trail user brought his father out to help with opening up a blocked portion of the trail on Saturday morning.

He cut a twenty foot section and we rolled it into place. Then he cut perpendicular cuts so that we could create a treadway using hatchets.

A little benching up to the Tranny to smooth it out.

C'est tou!


Greg Heil said...

That's a beautiful looking log ride! Definitely a great addition to the trail!

Steve Miller said...

Bad ass. What do you do to keep it from rolling? I think I need a chainsaw.

Rick said...

OMG, I'm all over that. Might have to get out there before the day is over.

Mark said...

We wedged some rocks on either side. Was going to try and hit this evening but with all the beer I drank at this BBQ this afternoon I wasn't feeling like it would have been fun. Tomorrow morning, though, I am going to give it a whirl.