Saturday, May 01, 2010

On a Bicycle Built for Two

I borrowed this Burley Tandem from a friend today because my daughter and I will be riding in charity ride come May 23rd called the Bloomin Metric. Originally, we were going to ride on the trail-a-bike but she has out grown it. I had to give the bike a little tune up prior to our first test ride and it looks like we'll be riding it as a 3 speed because the shifter pod is messed up and won't up shift. We'll have the big, middle and granny gears to choose from.

Katie and I took a 5 mile test ride this evening. After one descent she got over her fear of going fast down hills and just wanted more. We rode down our street to the lake, turned around and came back and then did a loop in the other direction. We are going to do 10 miles on Tuesday and we'll keep working our way up to 25 miles before May 23rd. Hopefully, I can find a used Thule tray to carry this so that Katie and I can go ride so of the longer rail trails to get ready. Might try to do the North and South County Railtrail next weekend.

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