Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yes, Virginia, 27-inch wheels are still available

I don't think I have to tell you who this Craigslist ad is coming from if you are a regular reader of Cycle Snack, but if you need a reminder then please watch the following YouTube vid (I love watching these commercials):

As usual his marketing tactics are always a pleasure to read:

Nefarious forces in the bicycle industry will tell you that new 27-inch wheels are extinct. They want you to throw away your great ole' steel road bike, and buy an overpriced, shoddy new aluminum or carbon shitter.

I have over 100 brand new 27-inch wheels in stock. (list below)

These old bikes can be restored, or converted to single speed, inexpensively. I can convert for you with a new rear wheel, new chain, and single-speed freewheel for $60.

For another $60 you can get a new bottom bracket AND a new crankset.

Go to your local bike shop and ask for a single-speed or fixed-gear conversion on your old bike. If they try to upsell you to a new bike, than walk your ass out the door.

The bike manufacturers are doing a horrible job these days, producing overpriced junk. The Shimano monopoly produces flimsy, finicky derailleurs and shifters, which never work correctly.

ONWARD, TO THE PAST !! Go Single Speed !

Some good deals that's for sure but he'll get you in shipping if you are not local. I have been tempted to buy a wheelset but to make it worth while you really need to buy a couple of them. Kind of like ordering something from NYC bikes: if it's a small item like a fork, they'll charge you $8 to ship (to CT atleast) and it's $40 for a large item like a wheelset or frame.


MMcG said...

He's not an online shop and won't ship. Ya gotta drive to Framingham man.

Mark said...

I have spoken with him and he was willing to ship to me. I wonder if he has reconsidered that. I found a better source, anyway. I will be writing about it tomorrow in the Friday Fix.