Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bike buying tips for hard times

Saw this post looking something new from Crazy Eddie but not sure it's his.  Has some of his qualities but I can't be sure.  Below this one is a new one from Eddie.

Re: Bike buying tips for hard times (USA)

Reply to: sale-989535928@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2009-01-12, 7:57AM EST

What a load of crap. 

First place, Chances are good, if you like the bike and walk away because you couldn't get the price you wanted, it will be more expensive or sold next time around. 
Bikes shops if there worth anything at all, know that it gets slow in the winter and use the time to get ready for the onslaught of business in the early spring, sometimes as early as mid February 
Unless you do bicycle repair all the time, you loose it. I know this because right after this, Im going down to my home shop to work on the bike I will be riding 20 miles into work today.You also need a place that you can drip oil on the floor and a good place to clean up. Working on your bike is fun, but dose takes time away from when you could be riding. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who wants to save money. 
Dream on about your single speed. I once road back from Montreal on a 1936 Raleigh fixed gear, had a blast, but I would never recommend it for everyone. 
Shimano does a great job and as time goes on, STI levers have gotten better. Hey, Your so Smart, why dont you make your own! 
Funny about Shimano, there in town tonight and most of the dealers will be there. I will bring your letter so I can pass it around. 
The best advice to give anyone about dealing with retail sales of any sort is to not look for a deal. If you cant afford the item, save your money till you can. Beating the salesperson down does not make for good relations and will hurt you in the long run. The best customers that get discounts without asking are happy, fun, friendly and caring about the employee that most likely dosent even make a living wage. 

Not sure if this is a good tip but if you have been around bikes long enough you know that late fall and early winter is the best time to get a deal on a bike.  I have to echo the sentiments of bike repair.  I do it because I find it fun and to be one with my bike (famous Zen saying) but I would be hesitant to take this up as a full time career because it would take away from the ride time I think.

I am a dickless pushover! (priceless)  That would have been a nice title but I am not sure the virgin ears & eyes of my readers could stand the vulgarity in that statement.  They are getting more outrageous each week and now they are even penetrating the road bike market.  Guess Eddie is trying to expand his business and build an empire!

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