Monday, January 26, 2009

Everything was toasty except the toes!

I did a pretty crazy thing this morning, I rode to work in 3 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn't too bad and in fact I over layered on a few items like gloves and shirts. The only part I didn't get right was the toes. Here is what I started out wearing:
  • Head: face mask, hat, ski goggles and a bandana, along with a helmet.
  • Hands: Subzero polar fleece gloves and Insulated OR mits.
  • Upper Body: Blaze orange windstopper jacket, long sleeve ride jersey, a waffle shirt, turtle neck, and fleece pull over.
  • Lower Body: Bib tights, my Army Gortext running pants, and fleece shorts.
  • Feet: Gortex sock liners and wool socks, and LL Bean guide boots.
Got a half mile down the road and had to take off the goggles because they fogged up. Another mile or so, took off the over mits, the fleece pull over, and hat. Opened up the zip pits and the front zipper and I was still sweating profusely. The only thing that got cold were my toes.

I had to stop two times to warm up the toes, once at the Hawleyville Deli and the other another mile mile or two down the road. What I found helped immensely is just getting off the bike and walking in a circle would warm them right up.

I was feeling great, for the most part. I had a few bouts with naseau that I figured must have been something I ate from the previous day but it turns out I had a little bit of a stomach virus. I opted not to ride home in the afternoon because of that.

When I got home this evening and downloaded my ride data off of the Garmin I noticed that this was the second ride for the 'Goose, the previous ride and inaugural was during the fall on the Monroe Rail Trail pulling Elliot on the trailer bike and Brodie in the Burley Trailer. I guess you could say this ride was a true test of the 'Goose. It passed with flying colors.

I was finally able to get the Topeak handlebar pack on these bars by using rubber strips to go around the bars for the clamp to mount on. My new Trunk pack worked nicely and it has a lot of room. Fenders were really nice but really didn't come across any wet conditions. One thing is that they make a lot of noise. Went with a pair of BMX platform pedals that I took off the Bridgestone. The only thing I need to change on this bike are the grips. I need a pair of those ergonomic flared grips.


Unknown said...

3F is about -16C. That's what I commute in most days from January through March... -20C is when I start to consider taking the train instead. I wear a skull cap under my helet and insulated gloves with windstopper fabric. On my body, I have a t-shirt, icebreaker merino wool sweater and windproof softshell. On my legs, I wear shorts over longjohns and just regular socks and skate shoes. On some of the colder days, I wish I had some warmer gear for my legs and feet, but I survive.

Mark said...

I am going to have to work on finding the optimal clothing arrangements. Looks like I am not the only crazy one. After trying this, I think I am going to start riding again to work. I might try doing it on Mondays so that I can do Spin on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you were doing pedaling in the cold! It's 70 everyday here in FL. We head back to winter on Monday.

When I lived in Montana I would commute and train in single digits. I could never keep my toes warm enough no matter what I did. I still have permanent tissue damage. In Utah, I have been riding in heavy winter boots, wool socks, and heat packs, with xl Powergrips on WTB flat pedals. Old technology still works well.

Keep rolling, Mark.

MOMOTOM said...