Friday, January 02, 2009

Q Balls of a different color

The Q Ball still comes in stock black but the good folks over at the Bicycle Escape appear to be offering a custom paint job on the beloved Q Ball. Check out the Flickr page for more Q Balls. Now this baby is awesome, although it's too small for me:

Checkout this Yeti styled Monster Cross Q Ball from Calgone, a fellow blogger and Q Ball Owner.

I think if I were to ever repaint my Qball I would have to do it in red to match the red motive I already have going on. It might look something like this perhaps:

Here is what it might look if it were orange:
And like any true mad scientist, let's mix the colors and see what you get:


Unknown said...

The star fade Qball was a special for my wife Danielle. I wish I took better pictures and it was less washed out but you get the idea. Glad you like it and thanks for being a trail advocate.

Anonymous said...

Any color but black is the new black.