Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fixie hotline 508 620 6600

If you are wondering if Cycle Snack has been effected by the Peanut Butter Salmonella recall, I can safely say that the Snack is a Peanut Free Blog. The winter doldrums have actually come this year which have led to not many riding opportunities since New Years because we are actually having a winter this year in New England. The only thing to keeping me going right now is building and rebuilding bikes. I have wheels on the Bridgestone now but I have to replace all the brake pads and cables. I have been hemming and hawing as to what rear wheel to use:
  1. Bolt on disc/rim brake hub single speed wheel that I originally bought for the Fetish Fixation
  2. QR disc brake with shimano cassette hub with Atomblast hoop (I have a spacer kit from Surly)
  3. QR rim brake with shimano cassette hub.
Last night, I made a break through or maybe I have just gave up, I am not sure. I decided to go with the first wheel for the Bridgestone, because I can use it as a flip flop wheel for both fixed gear and free wheel. The other option was the Atomblast (#2) wheel but that wheel is just too beefy for road use. Unless I can find a cheap, disc brake, cassette hub wheel, this is the best bet.

This of course speeds up my decision on what to do with the Fixation now, which I am going to use the Atomblast wheel for the fixation. I hoping to get a pair of Kenda Stick-es 2.6s from a buddy and eventually make it an 8 speed hardtail. Then, if I can find a good deal on replacement fork for the 'Horse, one that has a remote lockout, then the Marzocchi will go on the Fetish. Also by going this route, I can experiment on another Ghost Chain Ring test. I looked at trying a Ghost Ring on the Bridgestone and figured out that it wouldn't work because the chainstays are not long enough.

I am planning on a cold weather commute next Monday because my car is going to be in the shop for a couple of days. I don't think I will have the Bridgestone ready in time (unless I can find a non-drive side 175mm crank arm by Sunday) for that ride and I am not sure I would want to try it as an innaugural run, however, I am probably going to ride the 'Goose instead now that it's ready for commuting.

This ride could be monumental and set new records in Sub-rural-urbia. The planning alone is turning into a whole new effort. The big part of planning this ride is deciding what to wear, from head to toe.

The winter doldrums appear to be having an effect on Crazy Eddie as well. He's got some great prices on parts but my understanding is that he will not ship. These prices are insane!

PREDICTION: 50 % of bicyclists will be riding single-speed or fixed-gear by 2012.

Discount store for fixed-gear/single speed stuff. No charge for labor, helping you convert your old bike, with any purchase.

Fixie hotline 508 620 6600

Our mission: - make bicycling simple and inexpensive for regular folks.
Alex Ace 19 rim with Formula hub. Rear flip flop $34 front $32
Mavic Open Sport rim with Formula hub Rear flip flop $55 Front $54
Weinmann LP18 rim with Formula hub Rear flip flop $43 Front $41
Mavic CXP 22 Silver with Formula Set front and rear $115/set
Mavic CXP 22 Black set $125 set
Weinmann Deep V DP18 colored sets, ;yellow, blue, red, black, gold $120
27 inch double wall rims with Quando hubs $24
Winmann SP17 $80 per set
Lots more

Bulletproof (no ring) $27
Bulletproof with rocket ring $42
Origin 8 with ring $37
Speedwell with ring $27
Sugino (no ring) $53
Rocket rings $13

Michelin Orium $12
Kenda Kontender $8
Kenda 27 inch black $5
Continental 27 in $12
Gatorskin $26
Continental Ultra sport $13

Track pedals $16
Road pedals with clips $12
Road pedals without clips $9.50
Steel clips with straps $7.50

Track grips $6

KMC chains $6
Bullhorn Bars $13
I hope his prediction comes true! I wonder if I should change his name to the Nostradamus of the New England Fixed Gear Culture. I found another post of his that appears to be somewhat toned down. I hope this is just an effect of the weather and not a marketing strategy change.

Single speed/fixed gear road bike. - $300 (Framingham)

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Date: 2009-01-20, 5:36AM EST
New single-speed and fixed-gear bikes. Previous model year closeouts. Up to 40% off list. Prices $185 to $375. E-mail for list.

Perhaps 30% of the biking population in Boston is riding single-speed or fixed-gear.

Either this is an efficient, affordable, low-maintenance, stress-free way of commuting – or we are all dumb !

Nothing like converting a great ole’ eighties road bike to fixie; but good ones are getting harder to find, - and more expensive to convert. Try a brand new bike at a discount price.

Single speed/fixed gear. THE WAY !

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