Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Trouble in Fixed Gear Paradise

Switched gears yesterday and put the Raleigh aside because the wheels that I bought appear to be 700c and not 27 inch. Might hit the Bicycle Center on my way home tomorrow to see if that is the case. Not sure how to measure them to check their size. I looked up the Alexrims RP15F and from what I can tell they are not 27" rather 700c. Same with the Sunrims 6000w.

With all the great weather we are having in New England, unless I get a set of Nokians with studs, or a set of Kenda 2.5 Stick-es, I am not going to do be doing much winter riding this year. I spent all day Saturday arranging the mancave even further by adding more storage and a stereo system with tuner, 5 CD changer, and a hook up for my iPod. All I need now is a computer or laptop and I will be golden.

I decided to start working on the Bridgestone. The vertical drops present a challenge because I am stickler with chain sag. I am not sure at this point whether I am going to run a ghost chain ring on this or try for a fixed gear conversion. First I have to get over an issue discovered right off the bat, the cranks I want to use don't work.

When I stripped the bike, I left the bottom bracket, headset and brakes on and took everything else off. The cranks that were on the bike are these Shimanos where the outer ring needs the middle ring on in order to use it. I decided to use the Sugino Cranks I took off the Nishiki

However, the spindle on the BB doesn't appear to be long enough because the outer chain ring is hitting the chain stay. The cranks that came with the bike are different in that they mushroom out from the BB to give you the clearance that you need.

It looks like I have three options:
  1. Get different cranks
  2. Try a longer spindle
  3. Get a new BB

I am going to try the spindle first. In fact, I am going to use the one that I took off the Nishiki to see if that helps, otherwise I am going to try a new BB. I figure the type where the bearing cups are external will give me the clearance I need to run these cranks. One thing for sure, I will be able to try out my new BB socket!

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