Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cannondale Bicyle Corporation: Wheels for Kids

Got this email last night and it warms my heart to see a company pitching in for the holidays, especially during these tough economic times. If you are local to Bethel, CT and have an old bike in the basement please consider dropping it off sometime this weekend. More kids riding bikes now means more people riding bikes later. Good for them and good for the economy.

Hello Friends,

See the link in the e-mail below. At the 11th hour CBC came up with modest funds to save this program, barely in time for Christmas. Normally by 5 December the program would have already collected and refurbished a good portion of what would be distributed this holiday. Because the program was given last rites, we are scrambling to get it on track in very little time. I am writing to local and fairly local people with two requests:

1. This weekend, please check your garage and basement. Talk to your neighbors and friends. We want to collect more bikes for donation. In priority order of need: boys 20” wheel BMX style bikes, youth mountain bikes, girls 20” wheel bikes, trikes/sidewalk bikes. Any condition is fine. We will overhaul those that are worthy, take parts from others. (Adult bikes are also welcome, will be used for Danbury Youth Services other, non holiday program: Earn a Bike.) Please bring these bikes to Cannondale on Monday or Tuesday. Or over the weekend: just leave bikes near the back door of 16 Trowbridge Drive.

2. Some of you like to work on bikes. You are invited to toss your tools in the car and come on over next Wednesday evening and turn wrenches. Free beer/pizza, old friends, new friends, a good bike buzz and real Christmas spirit are guaranteed. Those of you who have portable bike repair stands, please bring them.

Thanks very much, David

David L. Campbell
Director of Technical Services
Cannondale Bicycle Corporation
16 Trowbridge Drive
Bethel, CT 06801
direct (203) 749-7183
fax (203) 748-4012
I think I am going to have to find a way to participate in this.

Here is the link to the Danbury Newstimes article:  

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