Friday, December 12, 2008

Blog Tag? You're IT!

I have been Tagged by Calgone from AsTheCogsTurn blog, a fellow Qball rider and bike blogger from Colorado.  Apparently there is a game in the blogshpere appropriately called Blog Tag, in which you reveal 5 things about yourself and then tag 5 other bloggers.  Calgone revealed 6 things about himself, so I guess that was a bonus but only tagged 4 other bloggers.  So, here are my revelations:
  1. I have only been riding mountain bikes since 2005.  I guess that makes me a noobie compared to some people I know but all I can say is that I am definitely hooked on biking. My wife likes it, because as she says: "It's better than me having a new girlfriend."   Since 2005 I have had a total of 8 mountain bikes and I will probably continue to acquire more and ride and blog about them.
  2. I still drive an SUV.  I know it's hard to admit but even though the price of gasoline right now is at an all time low you know it's bound to return to somewhere like it was this past summer.  My life revolves around the SUV, I need it for pulling my boat, taking the family biking, canoeing, camping, and fishing.  Basically, anything outdoors is done in my car.
  3. I got my undergrad degree, a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, from the University of Arizona (Tucson) but I haven't done anything to the house that I have been living in since 2005.  I don't even cut the lawn!  I wonder if that has something to do with my passion for mountain biking?  What do I do, you might ask?  I work in the Financial Services Industry as an IT Project Manager.
  4. My dream job/career is to own a Local Bike Shop and a Micro Brewery (tied in some way to the shop).  Also, I would build 29er frames and bikes named for the brands of beer that I would brew.
  5. I am over 40 years old and still listen to Heavy Metal.  Granted, alot of what is produced today within the Metal genre I find difficult to listen to and sounds like Cookie Monster on steroids, there are still some good groups producing new metal music worth listening to.  Of course most of my favorite groups are still in the business like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Saxon, and I can name a lot more.
To continue the game, I tag Pete, Charlie, Skipratt, -P on Nippleworks, and Brendan of the Beat Bike Blog.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that mountain biking takes time away from landscaping around the house. Twice a year I whack down the grass, maybe three times when we have an exceptionally wet summer. Also, I have not planted anything since 2002.

BTW - Thanks for sharing.