Monday, November 03, 2008

The End of Daylight Savings

I met Rick, a fellow Newtowner and Mountain Biker, at the Echo Valley Lot for a chilly loop at Upper Paugussett Sunday morning. With the change in time it was much lighter at 7:15 AM but it wasn't any warmer. Still, it was nice to be out on the bike on a beautiful fall morning.

I threw on the winter ride boots, only this time with a thin pair of wool socks which kept my feet toasty warm the whole ride. Rode again with my APFU Pants which were perfect for the temperature. I had a wicking jersey, long sleeve T-shirt, and my riding jacket and I never got cold.

We started off at the Echo Valley lot and headed up the Fire Road. Took that all the way to the Mulkin Trail and went down it. The up and over was solid as ever and the clearing that I did this summer was a big help. Still needs a little work though. The rock armouring line that I did earlier this year on the one stream crossing was fine, too. By the drepression in the leaves, looks like people are still riding this trail.

We hooked back up the lower section of the Gussy to the fire road. Rick took a really good picture of the old jalopy. Riding from here there are three climbs that get progressively steeper the farther you go. The first climb is the Girlfriend. It's a non-committal climb and that's pretty easy. The next climb isn't as steep, but it's long and technical, kind of like a Fiancee. Unless you are going to Vegas, this section is great. The last climb is the wife. It's short and steep and once you think you are done it hits you with another steep clmb. So, once you are done with the dishes, she comes back and asks you to take out the garbage.

Rick took a few pictures on this ride. Here I am at the top of the second climb. I did all three climbs again without calling upon Granny for help. The 'Horse, as usual, performed impeccably.

Now that we were really warmed up, it was time to hit the Gussy. It took me four tries to get up this one rock section that I have tried in the past but was never successful. Rick did it on the first shot. Took me three tries to find the right line and found it on the fourth try. The other option was to take the Pussy Path/Horse Go Around that I have been riding for quite some time.

We both hit the Short Log Ride. It was Rick's first time and he cleaned it on the first shot. First time for me on the 'Horse and it was fun. Much different from the Qball. Rick got a shot of me on the roller at the Blue Trail intersection. This loop: Fire Road/Mulikin/Gussy is approximately 5 miles long.

Here is Rick's new bike. A Special-Ed XC. Nice, light bike!

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Anonymous said...

You're too kind. The only reason I made it up that rock section on the first shot was because I let you figure out the line first.

Thanks for the tour! Amazing trails and a great workout.