Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at the Paugussett

October 31st always seems to be a great time to ride and the past three years we have been lucky with nice and warm temps.  Whether that's a coincidence or global warming, I can't tell you, however, it's great for riding.  On my Echo Valley loop I keep wondering when the town is going to replace these two street signs (above) that might be from the 50s or 60s.  I thought I would capture them digitally for future prosperity.

You might recall in an earlier post I talked about a hunter taking a dump in his van, well I am pretty sure this is the van (picutred above) and the owner of the van (pictured below) I met on the Fire Road.  So meet Mr Van Dumper.

Not sure how territorial owls are but this one looks like the one I saw back in June.  Still it was great to see some wildlife other than the ocassional deer.

In honor of Halloween I wore my pumpkin shirt.  It was overkill for the temperature but it's blaze orange and that is what you need to have while riding during hunting season.

This final picture is looking down Sanford Road at the end of the Jeep Trail.  A friend of mine said that there were ATV tracks on the Jeep Road but I couldn't tell.

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