Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Dump Fairey Cometh and Leaveth

Got back from Florida on Friday and when I pulled into the driveway I was greeted by a motley collection of bikes saved from certain destruction at the town dump. At face value I was thinking that they might all just return to the dump but upon closer inspection there were certainly some parts worth roaching, not to mention a frame or two worth saving.

This early edition comfort bike/29er has some nice goodies on it including the basket which I already transferred over to my son's bike, the chain is still good, pedals are worth saving, I will probably keep the rear derailler and definitely the front fork.

Not much on the Magna worth keeping expect for the rear derailler and the brake pads. Might keep the seat. The ten speed in the back has a good saddle and brake pads, but that's all there is on this one.

Now this last one, however, goofy it seems with the wide seat is an interesting bike. A Spaulding Blade CroMo frame. I thought Spalding made tennis rackets but it looks like they tried their hand at bikes, too, that are still absolutely crappy. Still, it might be worth turning this into a little 26" fixie project somwhere down the road. It has a workable BB and sliding drops. In the meantime, the chain is still good so I will strip it down and see what comes of it.

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