Friday, October 10, 2008

The Friday Fix: Schwarz und Weiss ist geil!

If you don't speak German, let me translate for you. Schwarz und Weiss means black and white. The latter part ist geil literally translates to "is horny" but when I learned German it really means "is cool." Not sure if that expression is still used today but I think it more than adequately conveys how my Fixed Gear Fetish Fixation turned out now that I finally taped the drop bars.
I had to wait two weeks until my LBS got this specific Cinelli tape. I could of ordered it myself but I like to supporting my LBS. They treat me right. I added the other brake lever so it has balance but as a fixies goes, it doesn't need it. If I ever ride free wheel again, it will be worth while, but I don't plan on using the brakes, maybe for emergencies.

Taking pictures at night in the garage stinks but it was dark by the time dinner was over and I could start working on the bike. I am really getting good at taping. I considered white tape but felt the broken pattern would look better.

After a few spins around the driveway I am now jonesin to take it out on the road. I haven't ridden all week due to a head cold and I didn't want to risk exacerbating my condition with an early morning ride in 36 degree temperatures that we had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The next couple of days we will be enjoying some more Indian Summer and I am planning on doing alot of riding this weekend.

Riding with these drop bars is really cool. At the height that I have my seat I am pitched somewhat forward and it feels really good. I like how there are five hand positions: (1) Center; (2) Out from Center - on the beginning of the slants; (3) on the hoods; (4) in the curve; (5) and on the drop.


-d said...
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-d said...

Very nice! It reminds me a bit of the vehicles in Mad Max - black and indestructable! Speaking of which, is that a Master Blaster pump?

29ner said...

Looks killer. I forget is that a 26 in the rear ? How is this on longer road rides ?

Mark said...

-d, that's just a Topeak pump. Nothing special. Yeah, the frame is overkill for the use but hey, if I need to go off road, I am there.

Peter, this is a really nice commuting rig for my ride to work. The balloon-ish tires help cushion the shock on the bumpy back roads between my house and the office.

Riding this bike fixed on the road is great, too. I feel like I have much more control and it's a smooth ride.