Wednesday, October 22, 2008

29er and a Porche?

Sub-rural-urbia has it's fair share of luxury vehicles, though the quantity is diminishly less than what you'll find between Fairfield and Greenwich. However, while waiting for the bus with my daughter the other morning, I recognized a Porche driving down Hanover Road and what was peculiar about it and what really struck me as odd was that it had a roof rack and a mountain bike on it! When it passed by, it looked like the bike was a black Independent Fabrications 29er single speed!

I know a guy over in Danbury that drives a Bimmer and he has a rack atop his car for his bike but this is the first time I have ever seen a luxury sports car with a bike rack. Not to mention a single speed, 29er! Kind of overkill if you ask me but still cool to see the koolaid influence slowly creeping into Sub-rural-urbia.


29ner said...

Independent make a sweet bike. I had an older Crown Jewel and refused to ride it for fear I would damage the paint. Sold the frame after 2 years with less than 500 miles. I got it from a bke shop that was closing and he just needed to clear out fast.

Anonymous said...

definitly a Lottery winner.

-p said...

This is very common in the SF Bay Area. Lot of new money and people who want the 'best' no matter what their level of involvement is. I say, great. Somebody's gotta keep the frame builders in business and I can't!

Mark said...

I could see that in the Bay Area. I lived there back in the 70s. Family had a Porsche and I remember the rents even had a trunk rack for the car in which they would carry their Schwinn Varsities on. I sat in the kid seat on the back of my father's bike, which in comparison to today's standards was little more than a padded stadium seat. Wow, what a revelation. Going to have to see if I can scare up some slides of those bikes sometime.

I guess it would make sense if that was your one and only mode of transportation to the trail head. You'd think the guy would have a Hummer just for carrying his bike, but then again with the downturn in the market and the price of gas he probably had to get rid of it.