Monday, October 06, 2008

Fixed for the soul

I put on some Origin 8 drop bars on the Fixation the other day. The Demolition Cable housing for the rear brake wasn't flexible enough to work with the aero grip levers so went with just a front brake for the time being and OMG! Riding with these bars fixed it freaking awesome! There are so many different hand positions but I found the most leverage came from holding drop portion of the bars. The spin around the drive way had me begging for more. Something about fixed and 26 inch wheels seems like a match made in heaven.

The San Marco Saddle which looks like it could be rather uncomfortable is actually very nice for the way my body sits on the bike with the new bars. I got the saddle the other day from the Bicycle Goodie Shop in Bethel. Apparently, the son of the owner just bought a fixed gear from Fuji but didn't like this saddle and took a different one. It's perfect for this bike.

I will eventually put the rear brake on because I want it to match. The bar tape I have ordered for the bike will make it really jump out. I haven't tried my Topeak Handlebar Bag yet. I think I am going to ride it Tuesday as is and everything will be in a fanny pack because I don't want to spoil the lines.


AnnaZed said...
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Mark said...

Yes and no, I had meant to bring people to this post Transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters but in my haste put the main page in the URL.

Thank you for your comments about my blog. I might take them into consideration when I make some more changes.

Have a nice day and happy trails!


Mark as opposed to the previous reader I'm glad your link took me to your blog, I found the fringe info helpful(and refreshing as opposed to all the anti hipster vitriol that)and I just built a Fetish Fixation, I was curious as to what your rear hub was?
BTW nice bike I think I've come across your rides over at ridefetish?

-d said...

Sweet handlebars - it makes it look like a true commuter-mobile!

Mark said...

Polygraf - I hope you can get something out of that bill. I will will have to check out and check out your bike. If you haven't figured it out already, my handle on Ridefetish is Dirt_Dad.

-d, I love them! I was hoping to ride to work today but got sick yesterday and I am recuperating today. Probably won't ride this week to work, however, I have a date with my daughter to go riding this weekend.