Thursday, October 30, 2008

29er with a Chain Guard?

I think it's scareligious to do such a thing and wouldn't be caught dead riding this bike. Yikes!

Another abomination in the 29er world is the Thruster 29er. If you want cheap, and by biking standards I mean big box store quality then shield your eyes on this:

If you don't believe me this is for real, just click on the image and it will bring you to the website that is actually selling these bikes. This is the first that I had heard of this bike and in fact I thought the only type of really cheap 29er are the offerings from I, myself, couldn't beleive this was for real until I Googled it. If you can get it at Modell's or Dick's then you know it is cheap. I was surprised that you couldn't find it at Walmart or Target but I guess 29ers haven't quite hit their radar screen yet.

Ever hear of a Zoom 29er fork? Neither have I. My guess is it's just a re-branded RS Dart3. It's also funny that if you click on some of the thumbnails, not once do you get a good picture of the fork. Are they trying to hide something? It lookes like 29ers are finally hitting the mainstream because now they are being carried by the big box stores.


Brendan said...

Maybe Heather rode the redline in a skirt. I often feel compelled to do that with mine.

MMcG said...

The Monocog comes that way "for safety" but with that said I'd ride one in a heartbeat!!!

Seriously - there is a HUGE difference between the Monocog and those POS Thruster 29ers.

Mark said...

I didn't know that about the Redline. I wouldn't turn down a Redline, I just think it's funny that a mountain bike would come dressed this way.

As for the Thruster, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole but what is interesting to note is that 29ers are now penetrating the Crappy Market bikes.