Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another 'Goose!

I picked up this fine Tang Cro-moly specimine from the New Haven Craigslist the other day for $20! It is my first bike with a kickstand and now my second Mongoose. I actually bought this for riding with the kids on railtrails. Of course, I may make some minor alterations, like new bars, clipless pedals and different cranks at some point but it's ready to ride and in remarkably great shape.

I now have something that will carry the baby seat and can pull the Burley at the same time. I also want to try connecting the Trail-a-bike to this and the Burley to the Trail-a-bike and pull that train! I figured I would need gears to do this. I was originally going to do this with my future bike, the Unit 2-9 MonsterX I wanted to build but that project is still in the future.

The absolute beauty of this bike is that it can be easily modified in the future for an off road fixie or singlespeed because it has a stamped horizontal drop. For now, though, a few more gears will help dragging my kids around. The other use for this bike is that of a winter commuter. I think I will put some fenders on it and it will be perfect.

I think this bike is from 1997 and it's in surprisingly good shape. Clearly it was used mainly for family riding. The guy that I bought it from lives right next to the Larkin Bridal Trail!

Next up is a 1970s Peugeot PX-10 that a friend rescued from the town dump! It's truly a classic bike and the question is whether I should restore it and ride it or convert it to fixed/ss and ride it. I am actually tempted to try to keep it as original as possible and ride it for awhile.


29ner said...

This bike is screaaming Drop Bars and Cinelli Frog Stem. WOW , big score for $20.00

Mark said...

Drop bars when I convert it a fixie perhaps, for sure.

-d said...

Sometimes the best bikes come from the $20 craigslist ads. This reminds me of a Fixed Gear Gallery submission...