Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pulling the kids

I saw somebody do this so I had to try it. Granted, an Xtra Cycle probably would have been better, or even a KidzTandem, but since I already have both a Trail-a-bike and a Burley, this is the cheapest solution. Hooked up the Burley to the Trail-a-bike to the Mongoose. That is one of the reasons I got the Mongoose in first place, so I would have some gears to try to pull this off and it worked. Took my boys on a quick ride at the Monroe Rail Trail and we looked like a train. Kind of serendipitous when you think about it, pulling a train of bike related carriers on an old railroad bed. I had some guy take our picture but unfortunately both pictures that he took were blurry.

Brodie, the one in the trailer actually tried the Trail-a-bike while we were visiting the park but found it too wobbly for his comfort zone. Plus I told him he couldn't eat or drink while on the Trail-a-bike and he wanted to go back in the trailer.

Here is a little ride video:

The Triplet from Mark on Vimeo.

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