Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daddy Daughter Ride: Monroe Rail Trail

Katie and I took advantage of the beautiful Indian Summer weather we are having this weekend and went out for a ride on the Monroe Rail Trail on Saturday. The morning temps were a little cool but as soon as we got going she started shedding layers. Funny thing, I had on three layers, but since I was barely working I never took them off. I was riding the Fixation with the freewheel, though, so that might have been the case.

We parked at the Pepper Street lot and started riding back towards Newtown. This was the first time for Katie riding her geared bike and it presented some challenges. She spent most of the time in the easiest gear which forced her to pedal more, getting hotter a lot quickly and tire out quicker. I talked to her about going up and down the gears and to try to coast more and she started to get the hang of it after the second mile.

It was definitely a great day to be out riding. After riding towards the Newtown town line, we turned around early and headed back. She said it was easier for her because we were now going downhill, very gradually of course, but it seemed to make a difference for her. Getting back to the lot, we dropped off the clothes she didn't need and got her Platypus hydration pack. Then we set off towards Wolfe Park. She drank my water bottle nearly dry.

At Wolfe Park we took some pictures of the colorful leaves, another week or two and they will be spectacular. A kind passerby took our picture.

Katie took this wonderful shot of the lake and I can't believe how well she framed the shot.

She really likes her new bike. We ended up riding 8 miles altogether. We sessioned at the spot where there is a little off shoot trail that splits off and runs parallel with the rail trail for a short clip and then has a little downhill section. Katie had a blast now that she has a bike with front squish and I got a little off road practise with the new drop bars. Interesting to be so far forward on a bike. Cycle cross must be interesting.

Still loving the bars. Thinking about trying 650B disc specific wheels. With some 650x40s, my Mountain Commuter could be pretty versatile with skinnies in warmer months and fatties in the winter.

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