Saturday, October 25, 2008

Open Deer Season (Bow) @ Collis P Huntington SP!

This was just brought to my attention by a fellow mountain biker and I am shocked to learn about this now.  There are not many places to ride within Fairfield County that have a complex network of trails and miles and miles of singletrack.  Troutbrook or Pequonnock River Valley (aka Trumbull) are two areas that are similar in complexity but both permit hunting.  Huntington SP, on the other hand, is so busy with equestriennes, mountain bikers, joggers, dog walkers, walkers and hikers, that I can't see why the DEP would open up hunting here.  It's insane! 

This means that there are practically no safe places to ride without the fear of either getting shot at or skewed by an arrow.  Granted, I don't recall of any hunting accidents ocurring in the last five years but knowing that there is the potential for something like that is unnerving, to say the least.  The only places that you can ride in Fairfield County where hunting is not permitted are the following locations:
  1. Mianus
  2. Wilton Woods
  3. Shelton Lakes
There is also Cranberry Park but I hear there is too much dog poo.  There could be more but these are the ones with probably the best networks of singletrack.  Sub-rural-urbia just got a lot smaller.

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