Friday, October 03, 2008

The Friday Fix: TomiCog

Received my 16t TomiCog in the mail yesterday but didn't have time to switch it out last night.  Instead, I woke up this morning at 4 AM to do it, however, I cleanded up my work area first.  Organized all my spare parts and tools and then worked on switching out the 20t for the 16t.  What's unique about the TomiCog is that it mounts where you would put your disc brake rotor, thus turning your disc hub into a flip flop hub. 

I wish I had gotten my more offroad fixed gear time but now that I am using the Fixation as a commuter and I want to ride fixed gear, my offroad fixed gear riding will have to wait a while until I build the MonsterXcommuter that I am planning on.  So, out with the old and in with the new.

Below is the 16t ready for mounting.  I torqued the bolts at the recommended settings for disc rotors.

And voila!  Here it is cranking in the drops!  Next week, I start commuting fixed gear again.


-d said...

Very nice! It looks like you have a decent size chainring paired with your 16t cog... feel the burn!

Mark said...

-d, I have been riding 42:16 all month now. It's the best training! I climb stuff off road that I used to walk because I just didn't have the power. Now, I got the Power!

Mark said...

Clarification: I ride 42:16 on the road and 32:20 off road, as well as geary, too. However, on my geared bike I have yet to ask assistance from Granny.

Anonymous said...

TomiCog - hmm... I may try this on the old bontrager wheel.