Wednesday, January 01, 2014

My 2013 Cycling Summary

Yearly Cycling Summary

2013 was a big year for me as you can see in the chart above.  This past year I doubled my commuting miles and started riding roads.  Mountain biking suffered somewhat but I was still able to ride at least 500 miles.  I would like to see if I can hit 1000 miles on the trail in 2014.

Total Mountain Biking Miles per Year

Here is my 2013 breakout by activity, the lighter green being Mountain Biking, black is commuting and the darker green road cycling.  

In terms of numbers for year, distance is in miles:

Mountain Biking 514 17%
Commuting 1175 38%
Road 1390 45%

The above graphs and numbers come from my SportsTracks software that I have been using since 2005 to track my activities.  Based on these numbers, I guess you could say that I have turned into a roadie who likes to sometimes ride a mountain bike!

Overall 2013 Stats from the Strava Annual Summary, which by the way is an insanely great tool:

Total Rides 166
Total Distance (mi) 3,089
Total Time (hrs) 266:34:18
Average Speed 11.60 mi/hr
Total Elevation (ft) 244,284
Total Segments 686
Longest Ride (mi) 78

The Annual Summary tool also lets you look at mileage on your bikes for the year.  Here is what I did on mine:

Bike Miles
Cannondale XS800 1,114
Cannondale XS800 (Commute) 656
Surly Cross Check 26
Kona Unit 29er Singlespeed 340
Qball Singlespeed 199
Qball Singlespeed (Commute) 468
Qball Singlespeed (Trainer) 9
SpotBrand Longboard 9 246
Trek 720 (Commute) 21
Trek 720 (Trainer) 10
Total 3,089

Finally, here is a heat map of all the places I have ridden 2013 that I found using the Strava Multiple Ride Mapper Tool:

Mostly Connecticut
Cape Cod

Commuting to work and road riding

Stewart State Forest, Newburg, NY

D2R2 and Vermont

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