Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trainer Life

I have ridden in cold weather before, even as recently as last month, however, right now I just don't have any desire to in temperatures less than 15 degrees.  We saw mid twenties on Monday but I had to work.  I probably should have road my mountain bike on Sunday but the book I was reading was more interesting.  To fill the void I have taken to riding the trainer and in fact I have now ridden it more this year than I have in all the subsequent years I have owned it.

My trainer is a piece of crap and it's incredibly noisy.  I tried one at the LBS the other day when I was checking out road bikes and the really nice ones are really quiet.  I have seen quite a few Roller posts on Craigslist that have been interesting but I think I will stick with what I have until I have to replace it.  To make things more interesting I decided to watch a program that I missed on Monday on computer while I rode.  I had to use my amplifier through headphones to hear the sound, though.  Still, it beat starring at an unopened can of beer while pedaling.

This time around I went with shorts and riding socks and my feet got so cold I had to switch shoes half way through.  I put on my old Shimano winter riding shoes and they helped.  The garage was 41 degrees!

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