Monday, January 20, 2014

That's what fenders are for!

Riding the Surly Cross Check gets better and better.  Not only is it a great commuter it's also a joy to just ride on for the pleasure of riding, for right now is my work outs, too.  I was thinking about about doing a really big ride on MLK but I procrastinated all morning by playing with the kids, checking off some items from the Honey Do List and drinking a lot of coffee.  Finally I realized that the ride window was closing fast so I headed out for a two hours.  

What's nice about having fenders, especially right now, is that you can bet your sweet bippy that if the temperature is above freezing you are going to encounter something wet.  Pond Brook, the dirt road near my house, was really sloppy and if wasn't for the fenders it would have been nasty.  Lots of wet sand all over the place and still some snow melt really put these fenders to the test, today.

I came across that Single Speeder Roadie again, on Sugar Street in Dodgingtown, only this time instead of ogling his bike I introduced myself but soon afterwards he peeled off down Swamp Rd.  His name is Dan.

Despite the fact that is was in the low 40s it was still cold.  The wind really made a difference today but I am starting to get the hang of dressing for the roads.  Good think I went with the Lake 303's though.  Those are the best for this kind of weather.

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