Thursday, December 19, 2013

XC Ski before Work @ F'Hills

I couldn't let this opportunity to slip past me now that I finally have really decent route at Fairfield Hills to ski so Wednesday morning at 6:45 am I got on the sticks and hit the snow.  I skied what I wanted to do on Sunday but spent too much time chatting with Joe and talking trails so that I didn't get to add Yahoo Hill into the route.

The track that I made on Sunday and 6 inches of new snow in it which made it still kind of slow but in the flat areas I was able to get moving pretty well.

Great moon out this morning


The sweater I wore is pure Irish wool and is a great for skiing but it also gets pretty hot
I could probably lose one layer with it on because it's so warm

After Wednesday's sun my tracks are going to be really fast
so I am probably going to hit it again Thursday, too.


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