Saturday, December 21, 2013

Monster Cross Commute

One last commute for 2013
I couldn't say no with the warm snap we were having this week!
It was only 28 degrees the whole way into work, though.

I rode the Monster Cross because I will be racing it tomorrow in a Cyclocross Race here in Newtown, CT.  It's been a long time since the last time I rode fattys to work but these Kenda's, though noisy, rode nicely.  Gearing, 34:19t was a little spin bike-ish for the flat parts on my route but climbing was awesome!  I went right up a Castle Hill.

Dressed a little festive, too!
Got a lot of honks, thumbs ups, and waves from drivers appreciating my costume!

On the way home I detoured to F'Hills and checked out the course!  If I didn't have my laptop on me, I would have went for a circuit but with it made riding in the mash potatoes impossible.  I ended up doing a little lap around the water tanks and then back down the rec trail.

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