Thursday, December 05, 2013

Trek 720: My new commuter bike

While the frame size is not ideal sliding the seat back as far as it will go and using a 130 mm, 60 degree quill stem I had laying around makes the cockpit pretty comfy.  I wanted to use my Gary I Bars but my available choices of gear shifters made that choice not feasible.  Then it dawned on me, my Fme bars!

The front deraileur shifter was fried so I replaced it with a brand new LX shifter I had laying around.  The existing levers were absolute crap so I replaced them with some Avid FR-5s, that I had laying around.  Avid Single Digit 3 V-Brakes replaced on the fork, from the brake box.  Shimano STX cantilever brakes in the back and I think they came off the Burley Rock & Roll.  Not shown is a rack on the back that I snagged off the Burley as well and now I will be able to bring my lunch to work. The front wheel I got in trade for the Lambert but it has a dent in the rim.  I am going to ride the wheel anyway for the time being until I can replace it with the wheelset from the Cannondale.  The only thing I am going to buy for the bike are fenders.

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