Friday, December 27, 2013

Riding with Lake 303s

Been awhile since I have ridden Upper Paugussett and for that matter the Spot but with the recent warm up that got rid of all our snow and then refroze I figured I should could head out for a quick mountain bike ride to test out the Lake 303 riding boots that Santa Claus brought me for Christmas.  I brought some lights in case it got too dark to the see the trail and sure enough by the time I got to the top of the Gussy I figured I should light the way.  For some reason, my bar light wasn't working but I brought that to try it.  My main light was fully charged. 

My new Lake 303s are so warm that my feet never got cold during the whole ride and the temperature just kept dropping.  When I left the house it was 31 degrees and by the time I got home it was 27 and my feet stayed toasty warm the whole time.  The only thing I had some trouble with was unclipping because I set my cleats up for 20 degree release angle when I should have made it 15 degrees.

While on the Gussy I was trying to figure out if there was one rider or two but after hitting the reach around and coming back up to the Gussy I saw the rider's track just did a turn around at the jeep road.  Too bad he doesn't know about the Reach Around.  I hate getting to the end of the trail and turning around like this.  I am so glad I found that hunter's trail coming off the Gussy to be able to ride down to the Jeep Trail and then come back around to ride back up the Gussy.


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