Saturday, December 14, 2013

Crappy weather and no time to ride, not even on the trainer!

Crappy cold weather and snow, actually, combined with the fact that both my mountain bikes were in need of some new tubes meant this week I never got on the bike at all. On Wednesday evening I managed to true up my mountain bike wheels and get them back on the bikes only to find that both tubes on the Spot went flat and after putting getting the Kona rolling again, I decided that I should go back to my Blunts until I got real tubeless tires for my Stans Wheelset.

Another day off on Friday but I was still catching up on my work from this past week, combined with a holiday lunch for work midday meant no riding.  Not to mention but I still hadn't gotten to fixing a few things on the Monster Cross that I wanted to do before my next training ride.  Friday evening, I fired up the Kerosene Heater in the Mancave/Garage and got to work, finally, on the Monster Cross.

Still not sure on what the course is, even after earlier this week I messaged back and forth with the Race Promoter on the course details that I don't think even he really knows what it will be I decided that I should go with more climb oriented gearing than what I was riding last weekend.  That meant, taking the 19t cog off the Kona and putting it on the Monster Cross.  I also switched out the front disc brake caliper for a newer one like I had in the back.  Now, I think I am ready!

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