Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Twas a Pedal before Christmas

I finally figure out how to use turn by turn directions on my Garmin and then I brain fart on the course I was going to follow.  Then again, if I followed the intended course I would have missed another great photo op at Gurske Pond.  It's been awhile since I have gone out for a good road ride and with 2.5 hours on Tuesday morning I had the make best of it.

I probably could have used another layer up top, or at least my arm warmers because the temperature never got over 26 degrees during the whole ride.  My toes suffered the most.  I rode with my commuting shoes and neoprene overbooties because my colder weather shoes were still wet from Saturday's CX race in Newtown.

At the pond I took some really good pictures and warmed the toes by walking around a bit.  I had to do it two more times, on Eden Hill and at the top of Taunton Hill Road.

This will be the last ride on the Mavic wheelset for the Cannondale.  I have learned my lesson and will never sell a semi-decent wheelset again - I had a $500 pair of Rolfs that I got super deal on and didn't appreciate them and sold them.  Of course, back then I wasn't even close to being the type of rider that I am today otherwise I would have kept them.  I keep kicking myself.  I have put 2K miles on these wheels but they might have anywhere from 4 to 6K because the person I got them from is a serious cyclist.

Felt good to be out and pushing myself.  Might try to do one more 100K for the year but this ride pushed me over the 3K miles mark.  I wonder if I can double my miles next year!


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