Tuesday, April 03, 2012

SSAP Preparations: Just need some wheels!

I dropped off my wheels Saturday to get trued and then set about cleaning the Kona.  It was so dry at Steward that dust was caked everywhere.  After washing down the bike and drying it I cleaned the chain and the chain ring.  Clean bike, means a happy bike.  I then decided to put my titanium bottle cages back on, the air pump holders and a seat pack.

Last year I won a couple of Gel Bots from Hydrapak but haven't used any of them yet.  After nearly bonking on Friday I think I am going to try one out.  If I can't find a big container of GU I am going to have to buy a bunch of individual packages and load it up.  In fact I might just use both and keep the SSAP bottle on me filled completely with ice and a little water or powerade in reserve.  The gel bots mean I won't have tape gu packs to my top tube as I have done in the past.

I think I will be riding with a first aid pouch in my back pouch, too.  Fortunately, my Army compression bandage fits in the seat pack but I would rather play it safe and keep extra band aids and gauze pads just in case.  I will probably bring the helmet cam and figure out a way to mount the on-off switch so I don't have to keep hitting the wrist.  


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