Saturday, April 07, 2012

And for my next trick ...

My new trail!

For now, I am calling it the South Park Singletrack.

Paula Burton and I spent 3 hours Friday morning laying out what is going to be a spectacular new trail at Collis P Huntington State Park.  Around 2.5 miles of super, flowy, singletrack.  It won't be as technical as Rock n Roll but it makes up for that in all the fun stuff I have uncovered this largely unused section of the park.  The beauty of the trail is that connects Rock and Roll to both ends of the trail that I call the Glacial Erratic.  That trail, south of the South Pond Carriage Road that goes around the big rock that looks like a split loaf of bread and was recently rerouted to create some awesome singletrack.

In the map above, Paula and flagged the dark blue and light blue tracks.  There's going to be some benching required and we'll have to build a bridge that can support a horse but the trail offers a variety of challenges from small bolder fields, a few rollers but I am sure more will be brought to light, a few drops and nice hucks along the way.  I just need to finish flagging the last quarter mile (purple and fucia tracks), probably next week.  The beauty of this new trail is that all the singletrack starting from the Twister Trail (aka the Lollipop), the Big Burn, the Connector, Rock and Roll, and the Glacial Erratic will now be connected with very little carriage road riding in between the singletrack and estimated at 12 miles of singletrack riding!

Hopefully, we'll be working on the trail for CT NEMBA's April Trail School so if you want to get in on the ground level so to speak, I would recommend coming to trail school.  If you have already been to Trail School, you can still participate in the trail building because I will be working on it the entire month of May with weekend work sessions.


Colin Shearer said...

Hey Mark - trail looks FAB! 12 miles of single track - WOW - wish I could find that local to me!

Mark said...

Yeah, Huntington SP is a 20 minute drive from my house.