Thursday, April 12, 2012

On the Spot at Wadworth Falls SP

Sorry, no bike porn for this post and it would have been extra spicy because Tren Spence, whom I was riding with brought his brand new, XL, Specialized Rockhopper 29er.  It is black and white and huge!  I actually rode it for bit on Alex's Trail and I felt like a little kid on a big horse!  The one thing I noticed right away was how stiff it felt compared to riding the Spot.  It even felt stiffer than the diSSEnt, largely because it has 7005 aluminum tubes.  Still, it was a nice opportunity to compare the differences between Al and Fe and I am still sold on Fe!

One thing I noticed on the Spot, and not so much with the frame, rather the tubeless tires, is that running lower pressures makes the ride a little wobbly.  In fact, so wobbly, that while coming down Alex's Trail, it caused me to fish tail and wipe out.  Never had that happen before.  Guess I have to start riding at a slightly higher pressure.

I did however, get a little helmet cam action.  Sorry about the quality but it looks like Vimeo is really trying to push their pay for service while seriously degrading the quality of the video for the free users.  Still, the cam does give a good impression of riding Alex's Trail and a great example of well designed New England single track.  Granted this trail is so buff (by New England standards) that you can ride a cyclocross bike on this trail and all the other trails here at Wadsworth State Park.

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