Monday, April 23, 2012

South Park Trail: Clearing and Benching

We started off the trail building session by driving our tools to the area we would be working in.  Having to schlep tools to the trail like what we did for building the Upper Gussy Trail would nearly be impossible due to the distance from either of the two lots at Huntington.  The Park Manager has given us permission to drive in and what a difference that makes.

We brought the tools in and everyone else came in by foot from the Statues lot.  There must have been upwards of 30 people who walked in.  After everyone grabbed tools I led a group of about 10 people and we started clearing the section of trail closest to South Pond Road that connects to the exit of the Glacial Erratic trail.  I was so busy with that section, I forgot to take pictures but we made fantastic progress but stopped short of exiting the woods.  That section has a really technical section that needs a little more rock work.

The main body of the work party worked on benching one of the two climbs on the trail.  The upper part is really an A line, B line being over to the right of this that includes some fun stuff that includes some drops, rollers, and a spineline, all thanks to Dave Francefort.  Dave is becoming the rock work master of these parts. 

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