Sunday, April 01, 2012

On the Spot at Waldo

Sunday morning, headed over to George C Waldo State Park, across the river from Upper Paugussett, to see how the Spot Longboard9 handles tight, twisty single track.  I made a few changes On the Spot the night before like getting rid of the Ergons and going Clarke lockons and the barends that I got with the Kona.  Also tightened up the headset.

While small, Waldo is great because of the way the trail is laid out.  It's swoopy and tight which in way can be good training allowing you to work on your sprint between turns.  The Spot handled the trail perfectly and was certainly flickable at times when I needed and ready to climb when needed.

There is a new skinny slowly evolving out of a blow down.  Not sure if it's considered finished yet, I wouldn't say it is.  I am also no one has started work on the second section that I am calling Plan B.  Maybe the whole thing should be called Plan B.

There is a nice drop off at the end, too!


The lake was looking nice.

I hit the Extra Credit and then rode back up the Waldo.  In the other direction, it's a whole new trail that is just as fun.  I went down the Hunter's trail to Daffy Duck and rode up that.  Had to clear some small blow downs near the end of the trail but otherwise another really fun trail, especially on the Spot.

Happy, happy, happy!

Riding the Spot is awesome!  While I am smitten with steel, the only way I would go back to Aluminum at this point is if the bike was light enough.

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