Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thirsty Thursdays: Black Boss Porter

In my quest for the perfect Porter I bring you Black Boss Porter from Poland.  The name seems a little apropos given this day and age but this is a very unassuming beer.  It has a fine, distinct taste that is probably induced by the high alcohol content, 9.4%.  After one I was definitely feeling no pain, but after two of these I would definitely be unter dem Tisch (under the table).  But that's just it, it was so smooth and velvety that you don't realize you are drinking such a strong beer.  Not sure where else you can find this, I found it at the Hawleyville Packy! 

1 comment:

fabian said...

It was a bit "malty" for my taste but it's cheap and strong so I liked it. My packy had cases upon cases of it and some guy friggen bought them all!