Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Spot: Tubeless; T-U-B-E-L-E-S-S!

It's done!  After two Skype calls to my buddy in Eastern Connecticut, a pint of 'Gany Lager and listening to a couple of records (yeah actual vinyl) I finished my Spot build Thursday night!

Drive Train:  Race Face Evolve Cranks, Sram X9 rear derailleur, Sram 11 to 32 Cassette, and Crank Brothers Candy 1s.  Adjusting the rear derailleur is always fun but I find once you have the proper cable tension then it's just a little fine tuning and you are all set.

Cockpit:  For now, I am using an old Salsa Moto Ace stem but I like how the red complements the bike.  Yes, those are Ergon Leichtbau bar ends.  Not sure if I need them for climbing but they are super comfortable and a pleasure to ride with.  I went with red cables from Slik, which look orange in the pictures.  The Titec Hellion bars are a little wide so at some point I may cut them down.

Wheels:  Going the weight weenie route, I decided to use the wheelset from the Kona.  Upfront is a Stans Crest wheel and Racing Ralph Tire.  When I pumped it up to 30 psi it blew up like a balloon and looks like a 29x2.5.  

Seating arrangements:  Some carry over from the Kona includes the Terry Saddle, very soft and quite light.  The seat post was the cheapest (because of the coloring - silver) but lightest seat post I could find.  

Suspension:  Mainitou Minute 29er.  I loved it on the diSSent but I think I am going to love it even more on my Spot Longboard9.


MMcG said...

Give those wide bars a go. I bet you'll love em. You are a tall guy - wide bars will be good for you.

Anonymous said...

Don't cut the bars. Please you will regret it. The SPOT LIVES again. Looks sweet. I have the same fork on my RM Altitude 29 and I wish it had longer travel. 100mm works but my frame is set up with 120mm rear. Nice job on the build. cant wait to hear how she rides.

Mark said...

Bars feel good but I am not sure I like the Ergons on it. Rode around the driveway tonight with my boys and OMG is it sweet and smooth as butter! Shifting is outstanding. Can't wait to get out on some single track and bust it's cherry.