Friday, March 16, 2012

Riding the old Shepaug RR bed

I need a better helmet cam!


Unknown said...

Nice video from Steep Rock. I haven't been over that way in at least 2 years and didn't realize just how much tree damage they had. Wow.

My husband refers to the tunnel as Narnia, lol. Always creeps me out riding through it.

In the past (2005-2007) when we rode through to the other side, I was never able to find the trail continuing much past it. Did you have to bush whack or is the trail more clear now. I've only driven over to the Judd's Bridge side exploring off of 199.

Mark said...

The RR bed ends at some felled trees and there is where you take a left and ride up a short incline to the powerline trail, which eventually turns into the Judd's Bridge dirt road.