Monday, March 05, 2012

Finally, Single and Rigid again!

The diSSent is still in the shop with shifter problems and I over slept this morning so there was not enough time to ride Housatonic Rail Trail as I had planned to do.  Thinking it might be warmer Sunday afternoon I hit Upper Paugussett on the Kona.  It wasn't any warmer.  I figured, I have less than two months till Singlespeed Apaloosa I might as well start working out on the SSer.  Knee was feeling good and the blood thinner that I am doesn't have any side effects, so what the heck.  The only thing I noticed is that I am really out of shape!  One precaution I am taking, however, is that I am riding the knee/shin and elbow/forearm pads.  Should I fall, I was to minimize my bruising as much as possible while on the blood thinners.

The Poly Brody was business as usual, that is until I came across this tree blocking the trail!  Must have come down a week ago Friday or Saturday when it was really windy.  Hopefully, I can get someone else out to cut this before the state gets to it.  It will make a nice skinny.

To keep the flow, I found a way to ride around the obstruction and finding a low spot in the paralleling rock wall.  The flow works nicely if you are riding north on the Poly but it kind of sux in the other direction, at least on a Single Speed.

Shot a little video riding through it.

The Gussy was resplendent of course!

Riding the Kona with Carver Carbon Fiber fork was awesome and I was amazed at how smooth it handled and floated through the whole trail.   

Coming out on Sanford Road I found this six pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  Unfortunately it was empty but I decided since the rest of the way was dirt and pave home I could carry this home.  That's $0.30 in my pocket!


eastwood said...

I was wondering where the new header picture came from... thought maybe you had a new hydration system for long rides!

Mark said...

Nope, found an empty six pack at the trail head so I thought I would clean it up so I rode home one handed.