Monday, March 19, 2012

The diSSent's last roll

Wow, it almost spring and I was riding in shorts and a short sleeve jersey today!  I wanted to take the Kona out for 20+ mile ride on the dirt roads in Roxbury and Washington but decided to stay in Sunday morning and do some bike work in which I got the diSSent ready for sale.  I hate to see this bike go but space is a premium in the mancave and I just can't justify having two hard tails, even if one is steel and the other aluminum.

Later in the day, I took the diSSent for one last roll at Upper Paugussett.  I heard through the grapevine that the Mulikin Trail was back in business so after riding up the Gussy I headed down the Mulikin and there were many surprises.  Apparently, the trail gnomes have been busy.  The section off the Poly Brody (what you can't see) has been altered slightly after the October Snow.  I had ridden it once after the Hurricane only to find a huge tree blocking the trail further down and thus have stayed pretty much off the trail.  

It appears that someone created a go around to get around the tree that was blocking the trail but that is now been fixed and it appears there is now an interesting feature in the middle of the trail.  I think I am going to have start riding this more often.  In fact, riding up and down the Gussy, taking the Mulikin and riding back up the fire road adds an additional 3 miles to the ride.  Need to come back and see if there is way to connect the Mulikin Trail to this huge roller I found in the woods many years ago.

After the Mulikin I rode back up the connector trail to the Fire Road and proceeded to climb back towards the entrance to the Gussy.  I almost made the last climb until I hit a loose patch and spun out.  Coming back down the Gussy is always fun.  The diSSent handled everything perfectly.  I hate to see it go but I think the Spot Longboard 9 is going to be an awesome bike once I finish building it, which should be this week now that I have the remaining parts I need for it.


eastwood said...

uh oh... that is a very tempting bike.... not sure if I should snatch that up from you or not

Mark said...

It's a great bike, versatile as it will do SS and Geary however I find that it's a wee bit small for my liking. I would keep it but it's time to move on.