Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Grinch pays a visit!

A quick Christmas Eve ride with Rick at Upper Paugussett State Forest, perfect lighting and temps.  We headed out on the Poly Brody and I was feeling really good after yesterday's ride at Pequonnock River Valley.  Temperatures are still below 32 degrees but still no snow.  Ice over the forest road in one section still makes it sketchy but we got off our bikes and walked around it.  I attacked the big hill and went right up it.  At the Gussy trail head we stopped for break.

Perfect day and time to be riding.  The days will start getting longer and longer which means more afternoon rides.  Rick took off leading the way and every pedal stroke just felt better and better.  I did struggle up the rock ridge but I shrugged it off and we started moving quicker.  Hit the two up-and-overs going into funnel with ease.

Hit the up-and-over coming out of the funnel nicely and then into the quick technical descent as I always do, only this time a little faster and at the bottom I discovered a new hole, or rock or both because I stopped short, went over the bars but rolled into it with practiced ease.  Picked up the bike and started to move forward but felt something rubbing the wheels.  Thinking it might be a stick but couldn't find anything and then I noticed my front wheel!  Taco'd.  Merry effing Christmas.  Tried to flatten it out so I could at least ride out but that didn't work.

I told Rick to finish his ride and that I would hoof it out.  I told him to meet me on Hanover Road but I figured I would be halfway home before we met up again.  I bushwhacked over to the blue trail and took that down to the Brody and onto Hanover Rd.  Someone driving a pickup stopped and asked if I needed a lift but I told him I lived nearby.  I met up with Rick just past Bramble Trail.  

Well the great ride Christmas Eve ride ended with a little visit from the Grinch.  Oh well, good thing I have another wheelset to fall back on!

Merry effing Christmas!

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