Saturday, December 25, 2010


I think I found the perfect Monster Cross (MCX) bar with all the fun of drop bars but made for mountain levers.  They are Misfit Pyscles Fme bars and I got a great deal on them during a black Friday sale last month:
A cyclo-style dirt drop bar for off-road use.  The FME was NOT designed for use as an exclusively roadie type bar.  Despite the flaming skull, you will still look ridiculous in spanx.  

The FME was NOT designed for use as a pure CX bar.  The purpose of this bar is to run DISC brakes, the worms at CX HQ do not like disc brakes.  They would also rather it if all CX competitors pedalled using only components of French origin...and we believe fries make for terribly limp cranks.

The FME was NOT designed for use as a pure XC bar.  While testing was completed as a primarily XC bar it was done so in the interest of science and morbid curiosity.  By our obvious calculations a bar with such extreme angles offering such a large amount of leverage would not only be uncomfortable for exclusively XC use it would likely have a reduced useable life...meaning what?  Not sure, lawyers for someone else made them say something so we did too.

I still plan on using the Qball as an MCXer because it's also my kid puller so these bars are perfect.  In fact, next month, I will be picking up another wheel set for rail trails and commutes but with these bars I will have the shifters and lever all in one place which will make riding off road a lot better.  Also, I think I will get better positioning, too.

I have new grips and matching cables that will give me a Halloween effect with the colors but I think it will look awesome.  That is going to me my project this week.

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MMcG said...

Looks like you are going to need a stem with more rise - or you have a really flexible lower back.