Saturday, December 04, 2010

All the wet spots were wet except for the Wet Spot

Looks like I was the first one up the Gussy this week after all the wind we had on Wednesday because all I did was remove the blowdowns.  All the streams were flowing, too, which is a first, and all the usual places that are wet, were so, except of course the infamous Wet Spot.

Had a little extra time on my hands so I went down the Mulikin Trail and it is starting to get washed out.  Where it picks up the old cart road I noticed that the tree I cut to re-open the trail broke up or someone broke it up.  Cutting that blow down with a hand saw took me 5 or 6 visits and each visit, while riding before work, meant I only had 15 minutes to work on the log.  Eventually I got through and reopened the trail.  With the top section now gone it's really open.

Somewhere along this trail. probably where it get's wet there is another trail that intersects this trail and you can take that down to the water.  I have never been down it, largely because I always by pass this section because it's usually pretty wet, like today.

I have never encountered slow traffic on Sanford Road until I fell in behind the town grader.  The funny thing was he wasn't really grading anything but it looked like he was looking for something to do.  You would think it would be cheaper in fuel to come out and assess in a pick up truck.  I guess this means that Pond Brook will be smooth again.

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