Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What trails was this guy riding on?

While hanging out at the Jump Hill parking lot at Troutbrook Valley on Saturday for a joint Aspetuck Land Trust/CT NEMBA trails advocacy day I didn't encounter any mountain bikers wanting to use Troutbrook but I did see this one riding down the road.
I was truly amazed to see a guy riding 29er on the road. When I ride at Upper Paugussett State Forest, I live close enough that I can ride to one of the trail heads from my house. This guy riding on a major road like this was truly bewildering though. There must have been at least 100 roadies passing through here in the span of 2 hours and this guy zooms through.

There are no biking trails between Jump Hill and Huntington State Park (10 miles up the road) so I wonder where he was riding. I doubt he was doing a road workout.

Even more surprising was the fact that it appears this guy was actually riding off road by the evidence of the dirt and blood on his left leg. But where? I found out later that this guy rode Huntington State Park, then road down to the Bradley Road Lot and then did a loop at Trout Brook and then rode back to Huntington for another ride there. He must be training for the VT 50.

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