Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet my new friend Chris

Chris King that is. Finally gave up on the headset last weekend and took the Dillinger in to Brookfield Bike to have them tell me what is wrong. Turns out the CC S-3 was shot and I needed a new headset. Shawn happen to have this Chris King laying around that he had gotten for another customer but didn't end up using it so he offered it to me at an attractive price that I couldn't say no to.

Rode Huntington Saturday morning and did some Trail Marking for the Happening At Huntington that will be taking place tomorrow. It's a charity event for Collis P Huntington State Park for building more trails, replacing broken boardwalks, and other trail improvement projects throughout the park. And there was no more noise! Oh, what joy.

And this is my other friend Chris, who I met on the trail and rode with me while I was redoing some of trail markers that I laid incorrectly earlier this morning. Then I showed him some singletrack that he had never seen before and then we headed over to the Big Burn. This is his first roller.

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Greg Heil said...

Looking snazzy! Glad you finally got the issues resolved... sometimes you just need to use the professionals....