Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Monster Cross on the NCR Trail

On Wednesday evening, after work, I rode from the hotel to the trail head and then 13 miles up the trail and back. It was a lot hotter than the previous day and again I prehydrated with 32 oz of diluted Powerade.

I attacked this part of the trail much harder than the day prior and while I made really good time the warmer weather took it's toll on me. It was still cool to see bits of railroad history sprinkled here and there - that stuff never gets old with me.

At the point I decided to turn around at, 13 miles north of the trail head at Ashland and 6 miles past Monkton where I started out the previous day I nearly drained one of bottles and had a few Guu Blocks.

I realized by the time I got back to Ashland that I should have eaten more because when I got back to the start of the trail I was feeling kind of nauseous.

I had absolutely no energy to ride back to the hotel, so I sipped what was left of my other water bottle and liesurely pedaled back to the hotel. Along the way I passed PayPal! I couldn't believe they were located in Hunt Valley, MD and not out on West Coast.

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