Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moon River ... Using the whole fist?

It's amazing what you can read about on other cycling blogs and how every blogger/cyclist copes with life and what comes our way. I came across a blog from a fellow Connecticut Yankee who happens to be a mountain biker like myself and shares some similar tastes like 29ers and racing. The name of his blog is Scope that Colon and it's about his battle with Colon Cancer. So I have to send a big thank you to Todd for informing me through his blog.

The day after the Domnarski Farm Race I noticed a change in my riding the porcelin bus habits accompanied with a little intestinal pain. After a couple of days I went read his blog a little more in depth and figured something wasn't right with me. Saw the doctor, told him about it, and he immediately recommended, you guessed it, a Colonoscopy!

I could have ridden more this week but I was coping with the anxeity of the upcoming procedure and I was also in the middle of a really good Science Fiction Book Series (I know, I am a Geek) so I didn't do much riding obviously otherwise you would of heard from me about it. I won't tell you about the preparation for this procedure because I am sure you can imagine what is required.

The procedure was done yesterday and it went pretty smoothly. The anesthesiologist gave me a taste of what was to come as I was lying on the gurney and it was very relaxing. I asked if they could put on a little Led Zeppelin and then the doctor came in. I must have said five words to him and bam! I am waking up in the recovery room farting like crazy! I was told that was one of the side effects of the procedure.

So, you might be wondering why I have a picture of my P-Handle wrench set for this post with the 5mm and 8mm hex wrenches highlighted. It's because the tips of those were the sizes of the polyops that were taken out of me. Not sure when I can start riding again, probably have to take a few days off. I hope to be back on the bike soon.

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Greg Heil said...

Dang dude, I'm glad you got in and got taken care of! I sort of know Todd from scopethatcolon, he's actually one of the other Airborne Flight Crew members, but wasn't able to come to Sea Otter with us.

I hope your recovery goes smoothly and that you are riding again in no time!