Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Not thinking

In preparation for the Domnarski Farm race on Sunday I set out to ride 10 miles at Huntington. I wanted to pop smoke from the office at 4 PM but you know that never happens, so I was runing a half hour late. I decided that I would try riding Big Vomit, one of the the two huge technical climbs at Huntington. While I didn't vomit myself it was a brutal climb. I made it only half way up and walked a section and then rode the rest of the way. Probably would stood a better chance of cleaning the climb if I rode neighboring Little Vomit, which is the other big climb.

Looking down Big Vomit.

From the get go, I didn't really plan my routes well and kind of hit a lot trails but it no real strategy. I did manage take a run down the saddle roller but wasn't really planning on any stuntry. On Friday, I think I am going to come back and try something with a little more organization, which by the way means not overlapping stuff that I have already ridden. I got my 10 miles in but it was sloppy.

Blue Trail? Looks more like a road now.

On thing is for certain, I think I need a new frame. Remember that video that posted a few weeks ago? Well, I am convinced now that the higher pitched creaking sound is also frame related after riding today.


Greg Heil said...

Looks like a serious, anaerobic climb! Don't you love those?

Mark said...

It's more technical than anything.