Monday, May 25, 2009

Sooo many bikes and sooo much to do

As you can see my garage is full of bikes and biking gear. After yesterday's ride with the boys I have to do some canopy repairs to the Burley Trailer. I needed a spare tube for the Raleigh and the Blackburn rack, so I caniblized both from the Fuji (next fixie project). Don't have a place for the Raleigh so it's just out and about. in the background of the picture above the Qball and Fetish are sitting side-by-side. Need to fix the rear wheel on the Fetish. Hanging is the 'Horse sans rear wheel that needs to be replaced. I wanted to fix it earlier this weekend but that obviously didn't happen so I was forced to ride the Qball yesterday on some crazy technical trails at Huntingtion. I had envisioned cleaning up the garage today but that isn't going to happen. All I can say is that bikes are fun and riding them is great.

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29ner said...

sounds like you have some wrench work to do. I rode Aspetuk Sunday Morning with my brother. Trails are in fantastic condition. Ran across a bunch of 29er's. Wilton town forest on Monday morning early. Lets ride next sunday morning ?